The Relationship between Internet Slang and English Language Learning

Wan Adzrie Indera Wan Adremy Indera & Al Amirul Eimer Ramdzan Ali*

Wan Adzrie Indera Wan Adremy Indera

Kulliyyah of Languages and Management, International Islamic University Malaysia

Al Amirul Eimer Ramdzan Ali

Kulliyyah of Languages and Management, International Islamic University Malaysia


English language is considered as one of the most widely used language and it plays a vital role in higher academic institutions globally. Besides, learning English as a second language is a common thing in Malaysia, and it is crucial at every stage of the educational process. The rapid growth of the Internet has also affected the development of the English language, which also gave birth to Internet slangs. However, Internet slangs profoundly affects the process of English language learning on higher academic institutions in Malaysia. As a result, Malaysian students faced problems in dealing with Internet slang and caused their English proficiency to drop significantly. Relevantly, previous studies have shown that students preferred using Internet slang in the academic environment, especially inthe classroom. The issue might grow more prominent if the usage of Internet slangs is not being monitored and controlled. Therefore, this study is trying to identify the level of Internet slangs on English language learning and to investigate the relationship between those two variables. The researcher implemented a quantitative approach where a questionnaire has been designed and distributed toward the sample population. In this study, the sample population are university students that are majoring in Bachelor of Human Sciences in English language and literature. The collected data were later being processed and transformed into different information based on the hypothesis and objectives. Notably, the finding of this study had proven that there is no significant relationship between Internet slang and English language learning. Theoretical and practical implications were discussed in order to provide better understanding for future research in this area.


Key word: Internet slangs, English language learning

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