Publication Ethics Statement

The Editorial Board of Journal of Arts and Social Sciences (JASS) follows the highest standards of publication ethics and takes feasible procedures against any publication misconduct. The JASS does not tolerate any type of plagiarism.

Each paper submission is double-blind peer reviewed at by high-calibre independent reviewer/s in order to guarantee high standard and quality of each published paper. Reviewers can be appointed within the editorial team members of JASS or anyone equipped with the expertise on the subject matter. Editor-in-Chief will make the final decision on the manuscript. The JASS guarantees that the peer review and publication process is fair, just and objective. Duration of the double-blind peer review process is kept carefully under 6 months from the date of manuscripts submissions.

Communication between the JASS members, reviewers and authors is lead in a manner of the highest ethical principles, in particular by the principles of objectivity, promptness, transparency of the evaluation- and publication-related processes and confidentiality, specifically:

  • Constructive criticism
  • Open and lucid communication
  • Logical argumentation
  • Adherence to set timelines and deadlines
  • Fair evaluation and high-quality publication process, complete, accurate and self-contained information provided for all stakeholders
  • All manuscript are treated as confidential material being not discussed and forwarded to other people except those who are authorized by the editors.
  • All information in manuscripts are treated with the respect to the intellectual property rights.