From Brand Awareness to Brand Love: A Conceptual Discussion of Brand Love Progression

Dan Joon Chew

Faculty of Business, Raffles University Iskandar

Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia. Email:



Love in consumption has drawn enormous attention in the recent years in the field of marketing especially in searching for long term sustainability in consumer and brand relationship. The metaphor of human interpersonal relationship has greatly inspired researchers into adopting love concept in consumer consumptions. The purpose of this conceptual discussion is to gain a deeper understanding of consumer brand love relationship formation from its developmental perspectives. Build upon the interpersonal relationship development theories, this study proposes a framework of progression that conceptualise the stages of development of consumer brand love formation from the initial stage of awareness to the stage of love, i.e. Brand Awareness → Brand Liking → Brand Experimenting → Brand Passion → Brand Love. The ability to visualise each stages of development may contribute significantly to branding managers in determining the right marketing campaigns, treatments and strategies in achieving brand love and ultimately sustainable brand loyalty.


Keywords: brand love, progression, development, awareness, liking, experimenting, passion

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